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Max For Live Basics: Part 1

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Max For Live Basics: Part 1 Empty Max For Live Basics: Part 1

Post by JordonRenn on 10/2/2013, 8:22 pm

Ok I'm new to M4L, so I'm no professional, but I'm going to be posting the things i learn as I go. Starting with the basic. So far, my understanding is that M4L is like synthedit, except you make Live Devices instead of VSTs. So Lets begin.

First off..
When you open a Max Instrument you see this

Max For Live Basics: Part 1 Img_110

There are 3 basic building blocks of M4L. The Object Box, Message Box, and Comment Box.

Max For Live Basics: Part 1 Img_210

The Object Box: These contain functions and perform tasks.
The Message Box: These contain info that can be sent to objects and can operate as commands or controls.
The Comment Box: Exactly what it says. Its a box for comments.

Max functions by sending messages between objects.

A function that is good to know when working with M4L is that you can lock it. (View > Edit) When this option is unchecked it means it is locked so you can not edit it.

We need to learn the "Language" of Max to know what to type in each one to make it do what we want.

In a message box when you type a comma, it'll act as a message separator and will make that object like 2, or do 2 commands. To make it act as an actual comma you will need to type it like "\,"

If you need further help with a certain Object you can right click it edit mode and at the top of the context menu it'll say Open "objects name" Help.

Ok now open the Max Window (CTRL+M)

I'm going to show you the basic use of this window (Its meant for debugging)

Go back to you Max Instrument, on the botton click the "+"

Max For Live Basics: Part 1 Img_310

Go to the basic tab, the first 3 are your object box, message box, and comment box.

Add an object and type "Print" in it and click outside the box to complete the edit.

Now add a "message" and type message into it.

You'll see little black notches on the edge. Connect the bottom notch on the message to the top of the print object.

Max For Live Basics: Part 1 Img411

Now lock you Max Instrument. (View > Edit)

Click your message box. Then look at you max window. You'll see it inputted it into the list. It records the actions in max. In the bottom left corner there is a "X" click it and it'll clear it all.

Ok, this is the absolute basics of Max For Live, keep watching for Part 2 to learn more.
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